Anthurium–a favourite flowering plant for Bribie Island

Saturday, June 04, 2022

Time to visit a local west Bribie Island garden centre?

In case you haven’t seen the recent housing statistics, the growth rate for house prices in Queensland is slowing down so if you’re wanting to sell your house, now is a good time to get motivated.

To get your house ready to go on the local property market in south east Queensland, choose healthy plantings from Grow Plant Nursery, a local garden centre on Bribie Island’s west coast.

Plenty of feature plants to choose from to help your house look like your home. In these cooler months it’s perfect weather to rid the lawns of weeds and dig in some new season plants to refresh your home’s exterior appearance.

Remember that living plants inside the home are just as important for your own health as they are for making your home more appealing to the potential buyer.

And a popular choice for the interior decor gardener is the elegant Anthurium, a native to the Neotropics of Central & South America. This stunning plant will take you back to nature with its smooth, arrow-head shaped leaves elevated in a cluster of elongated stalks. At the centre is the feature piece, a colourful spadix cylinder covered with numerous tiny flowers extending out of the similar-coloured spathe, a flattened large petal-like structure.

Locate these plants in a container filled with moist, peat potting mix which you’ll need to water regularly in the warmer months but ensure that it can drain well afterwards to keep its feet (roots) dry.

Place in a well-lit position but not in the direct sunlight lest their leaves get browned off & burnt. If you choose the perfect home location, they will reward you by flowering for most of the year.

As with most potted plants your Anthurium will thrive will a regular feed of liquid fertiliser. For the health of your plant & our local Bribie waterways, choose Grow Organically’s biodynamic liquid fertiliser, nature’s probiotic for your soil’s microbiome. Simply apply the diluted fertiliser with a hand-held spray pack to your plants leaves twice a week. Grow Nursery garden centre at Bongaree Village shops in First Avenue Bongaree is your local stockist of Grow Organically’s liquid fertiliser, and we also have a refill station instore to top up your eco-certified container.

Visit our garden shop on Bribie Island’s west coast the next time you shop at Bongaree Village shopping precinct, just east of the Bongaree jetty & Moreton Bay City library.

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