Cool plant ideas for hot days in the Moreton Bay region

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Maintain hardy gardens on Bribie Island’s west coast.

Has the warmer than usual weather got your plants hot under the collar this 2023 summer season on Bribie Island’s west coast?

Time to strengthen your plants environment and provide improved resilience against the summer heat.

Firstly, choose the right location for your plant. Most plants will cope with both the eastern & midday sunshine but come the afternoon, they may battle to thrive in the burning western sun. Survey your garden for beds & patches where there is likely to be shade in the afternoons. Use both naturally occurring barriers such as hills & sandstone rocks, as well as shade provided by established trees.

Secondly, dig into your soil lots of organic matter & use a certified soil microbiome enhancers. Grow Plant Nursery Bribie uses the eco-friendly GROW Bio Organic Fertiliser on all their garden centre plants, and also sell this vital soil enhancer in take-home, refillable bottles. As the staff for an easy-to-understand explanation of how this pH-neutral additive is ideal for all types of plants. No run-off issues into local waterways either as Grow Organically is basically a natural probiotic for your garden’s soil.

Next, ensure you use a good quality bark chip on the soil’s surface in your garden beds and pots/planters. Grow Plant Nursery is your local Bribie Island stockist of Katek’s Not Just Mulch, perfect for keeping the moisture in your soil longer between waterings and further improving your soil’s essential nutrients. Ask us for more advice.

Another consideration is the time of day when you water your plants. Do you get up early, out into the garden and give your plants a drink before the summer sun’s heat kicks in? Just like us, most plants like a drink of water to keep moist & healthy during the hot summer days. If you water in the late afternoon, perhaps try morning waterings instead.

And for those days where the hot westerly winds spring up and quickly dry out your lawns & gardens, water both first up in the morning and then again later in the afternoon to reduce the change of them becoming part of the great Aussie bake off.

Visit the inspiring gardens of Grow Plant Nursery in Bongaree Village, just up the hill from the MBRC Bribie Island library on First Avenue Bongaree.

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