Exciting fashion outlet choices around Bribie Island

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

New season women’s clothing for the discerning islander

In today’s world there are plenty of clothing styles & houses to select from, depending on your personal preferences. Long gone is the era of one size fits all.

In the Moreton Bay region clothing stores fill in retail spaces in all suburbs, presenting their latest trends for the eager eyes to devour.

Clothing is a very personal choice, based on life experiences creating sub-conscious yearnings to be accepted by others. There have always been the eclectic fringe dwellers who enjoy standing out from the crowd & not conforming to the mainstream tastes, but most of us secretly enjoy being part of the wider community dress sense.

In recent decades there has been a significant movement towards understanding where our clothes come from. No longer are we satisfied with the cheapest garments off the rack. No we want to know where our clothes were made, how they were made, who made them & how are they treated as workers.

At Sway on Bribie Island we take pride in taking time to know more about our clothing wholesalers & manufacturers. We want to ensure that when suitable, we are choosing fashion houses that encourage local designers to create Australian-inspired garments that are suitable for our Queensland climate. We prefer that the fashion industry workers are being treated fairly too & that the textile trade is ethical in its care for people & environment.

Our Bribie Island women’s clothing store has many brands of upbeat clothing available, including a healthy range of natural fibre creations. We stock the amazing Boody bamboo underwear range, perfect for our warm & humid coastal conditions.

One of our long term favourite fashion houses is Orientique – fully Australian designed women’s clothing. Their garments feature colourful artistic prints, with the clothing being manufactured in India under strict compliance with their fair wages & working conditions policy.

Sway on Bribie Island are actively stocking more natural fibre clothing in each of our new season releases, including linen, cotton, bamboo & more. The next time you are shopping for clothes on Bribie Island’s west coast, pop in to our Bongaree Village shopping precinct store & let Lisa & team help you make the best fashion choices in the Moreton Bay region.

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