Hairdressers on Bribie Island support community health

Friday, October 02, 2020

Time to check if your local Moreton Bay hair stylist uses the best hair products available

Wear your eco-credentials on your sleeve (or your hair)?

Eco Village Hair are your local Bribie Island hairdressers on Bribie Island who are passionate about your hair’s health and looking after our precious environment.

We choose the ABBA Pure Performance Hair Care range for our Bongaree hair salon as these products align with our core values of respect for each other, the animal world, and reducing our carbon footprint.

For too long a time there have been many nasty chemicals used in the hair products industry. There is plenty of scientific research that shows the negative side-effects of some of these additives.

Ever wondered why Parabens, used as a preservative, are now avoided by reputable salons? Parabens are thought to interfere with women’s hormone production resulting in a greater chance of breast cancer. And DEA are known to be carcinogenic too. Sulphates can cause issues for people with sensitive skin as can excessive sodium chloride in your hair care products.

The containers that your products are stored in can also trigger health issues. Phthalates are used in the manufacture of plastics and there is ample scientific research showing that they may cause hormonal & reproductive issues in people.

For over a quarter of a century ABBA Pure Performance Hair Care have been creating healthy alternatives with clean ingredients, and in a humane manner. If you are seeking cruelty-free beauty the ABBA range is for you. If at all practical, their products are 100% vegan too.

Make the change to more ethical hair care and visit the best of the hairdressers on Bribie Island.

Phone 3408 3269 to make your appointment at Eco Village Hair in our local Bribie shops in Bongaree Village shopping precinct.

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