Local Bribie Island fashion boutique shopping choices.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Australian women’s clothing stockists for Moreton Bay.

In our modern times ladies & men’s fashion options are plentiful but this wasn’t always the case.

In the past ladies were only permitted to wear long skirts or dresses, even when participating in community sports & the like. This style also extended to their workplace where women’s clothing needed to be modest & unassuming. And men’s attire needed to reflect the same formal values, responding to the conservative views of the population.

It wasn’t until the mid1800’s that a movement to free women from the patriarchal system started. Common sense thinking started to emerge & ladies fashion designers started to experiment with a skirt worn over pants to provide greater freedom for legs to move compared to the traditional heavy, bulky full-length dresses. This trend didn’t last though & soon women were back in the long dresses.

World Wars 1 & 2 brought some relief from the long dresses due to the needs of ladies in the military services needing more suitable clothing for the men’s jobs they were now performing but society in general remained conservative in its clothing choices.

It wasn’t until the swinging 1960’s that the push for more stylish & comfortable women’s clothing finally too centre stage & ladies were finally able to express their own individuality through their personal clothing choices.

Orientique is a fully Australian designed fashion house dedicated to modern, colourful clothing for women. Their style focuses on beautiful natural fabrics decorated with unique artistic prints. The clothing is manufactured in India under strict compliance with their fair wages & working conditions policy. The resultant garments are of high quality and help the modern women stand out from the crowd.

Sway on Bribie Island is your local stockist of Orientique ladies fashion clothing in Moreton Bay. Located on the west coast of Bribie Island in Bongaree Village shopping precinct, their Hampton’s-inspired clothing store provides the perfect canvas to display this exciting & very coastal range of women’s clothing.

Drop in when you next shop for women’s clothing on Bribie Island & let Lisa & her team of fashion lovers help you choose the perfect ladies outfit for your island lifestyle.

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