Measuring La Nina rainfall this summer on Bribie Island

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Looking forward to healthy rainfalls this storm season?

Ever wondered where rain gauges came from? The Greeks decided it was a good thing to start tracking the volumes of water descending from the heavens’ way back 500 years BC. Farming their own food no doubt contributed to their desire to understand better good rains would likely fall, giving rise to the concept of weather forecasting. The Indian folk also came on board with taking these measurements about 100 years later and their interest was in improving their natural grains harvest by planting at times when life-giving rains were more likely.

Understandably the Chinese people got in on the act and developed their own snow & rain volume measuring devices to improve their understanding of the seasons.

In more recent centuries Koreans and British inventors started to refine these measuring gauges and develop standards to define the method in which the rain was collected thereby enabling better comparisons with the rainfall measurements taken in various countries.

Today, rain gauges come in all shapes and sizes but tend to have a set standard of principles for accurate rainfall measurements. The official unit of measurement will be millimetres and refers to how much rain falls on a square meter of land. Gauges need to be located in open spaces where nothing adjacent could alter the unfettered collection of rain drops into the device. In cold climates there may even be a need to warm the collector to just above freezing point so that the raindrops can be kept in liquid form and properly collect in the container.

There are even Acoustic & Optical rain gauges now available for measuring precipitation. The collection of rainfall is not always practical though as tropical climates with windswept rains make the task exceedingly challenging.

For our home’s backyards, the measurement of rainfall is more for interest rather than scientific endeavour. Grow Plant Nursery, your local Bribie Island garden centre in Bongaree Village Shopping Precinct, stocks stylish rain gauges for our coastal homes. These snail-inspired rain collectors will look a treat in your outdoor spaces. Hurry into our Bribie Island shops today and discover plenty more gardener tips & ideas. We’re open 7 days at the rear of Inner Room Bribie & Village Deli Bongaree, for those who enjoy shopping on Bribie Island.

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