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Friday, October 16, 2020

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We take shoes for granted in our modern era, but did you ever take time out to consider how the trend first started?

Over ten thousand years ago the humble sandal made its mark by being the first footwear found by archaeologists in the United States of America. They were very rudimentary and were made of rope. It was another 4500 years before the first know leather footwear came into existence, based on the historical evidence uncovered in Armenia. It was a piece of leather stitched up to the desired shape with leather strips.

Over ten thousand years ago the ancient Native Americans Ancestral Puebloan people favoured the early version of our modern sandal, which were made using woven materials for the sole & secured with V-formed straps.

In ancient Egypt sandals were the footwear of choice although you needed deep pockets to afford them. For those of the upper classes the sandals were made with intricate detail & beauty and became a status symbol of the era.

Indian sandals are traditionally made from buffalo skin, wood & metal and are quite tall for non-heeled footwear.

The Greeks took sandal wearing to the next level and created many variations & styles to cater for their different ceremonies and occasions. The footwear worn to an event significate the social status of the wearer.

Likewise, the Romans regarded the sandal as a symbol of status and the wearing of them was a privilege not a right. Today’s equivalents are based on the styles that the Romans created.

In our coastal, sub-tropical climate, ladies’ footwear that breathes is essential. At our local Bribie Island fashion boutique Sway on Bribie in the Bongaree Village Shopping Precinct, we care about the health of your foot and only stock the best ladies’ shoes and casual footwear in Moreton Bay. While you shop for your shoes cats your eyes over our huge range of popular women’s clothes brands including La Strada, Basics, Threadz, Secret Garden, Clarity & more. We love out natural fibres too so you can try on lots of cotton, linen and silk garments in our Bribie clothing store.

Come enjoy retail experience island-style at our well-liked shops on Bribie Island.

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