Shopping at your local plant nursery Bribie Island

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Enjoy the fruits of nature’s labours but struggle to keep your plants alive?

Working your way through plant shops on Bribie Island is fun especially when you explore our local gardens at Grow Plant Nursery in Bongaree Village Shopping Precinct. Plenty of hardy plants to choose from including the ever-popular Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum), perfect for our coastal soils and climate.

Originating from the Middle East & Africa hot tropical regions, the Desert Rose has a gorgeous architectural style trunk with branches sprouting out & reaching upwards. At the end of these fingers are beautiful explosion of red, pink and white flowers which aren’t actually true roses, that emerge in Spring and continue to flower through to the end of Autumn. During winter the plant goes dormant and stops flowering. If you want to increase the flowering load, trim the ends of the branches in early Spring before the weather gets too hot.

When potting up or planting these roses in your garden choose light, well-draining soils and enrich with chicken manure (dynamic lifter) and a good quality slow-release fertiliser. A layer of gravel or rocks at the bottom of the pot or hole is good for promoting drainage as these plants come from low moisture environments and need water to freely drain away from the roots. And select a full sun location to encourage more plentiful flowering.

As this plant is drought-tolerant it has coping mechanisms for long periods of no water, one of which is that it drops all its flowers. Don’t panic, simply water it more regularly, preferably at least twice a week.

Aphids are the main pest that can affect the flowers of the Desert Rose. A pray pack with a soapy water solution is a low-impact method for dealing with these bugs.

If you’re a keen gardener, have a go at propagating new stock from trimmed off branch tips during the warmer months. Let the cut-off branches dry off for a few days then apply some rooting hormone and stick into a well-draining soil or similar growing medium. Water lightly daily and depending on the warmth of the climate, roots will start to appear sometime from two to six weeks.

Buy your healthy Desert Roses from our Bribie garden centre Grow Plant Nursery, located at the rear of Village Deli Bongaree and Inner Room Bribie. For your ease of shopping we are open 7 days a week in the Moreton bay region.

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